Nature relax  

The B&B is situated in an evocative area, set in the green of the countryside and surrounded by 30 hectares of farming land. You can use your stay to live in direct contact with nature, going for walks on the banks, bicycle-tours discovering churches from Roman period in the area or just reading a book sitting on the grass. You can also observe the starry nights – this experience can be completed with a visit to the nearby astronomy observatory.

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Discover the Abbey and the churches   

Five Kms away at Polirone there is the Benedictine Abbey. An important medieval and Renaissance monastic complex with artworks and masterpieces by Correggio and Giulio Romano which is supplemented by a museum on farm-life. Many churches in lower – Mantua date back to the early middle ages and are linked to the name of “Matilde of Canossa”. A special itinerary allows you to visit it all in a day.

Appointments: cultural, gastronomical, amusement

Festivaletteratura: In September Mantua hosts the literary festival whose characteristics are: meetings where you can converse with Nobel Prize – winning authors held in town squares, bars, cafès. Gastronomical Reviews: One thousand and two cheeses (Mille e due formaggi) : a cheese exposition Vinitaly: a wine exposition “Taste” Roads: The Truffles road The Rice road Exhibitions at the Gonzaga Fair Millenaria, Millenaria Verde

Mantua and the Gonzagas   

The Gonzagan capital houses buildings, museums and permanent exhibitions. A day allows you to appreciate art treasures like Mantegna’s “Camera degli Sposi” , the ducal Place and the Te Palace. A few kilometres away from the city centre there is the Renaissance sanctuary of the “Grazie” set near a lake, and the summer residence and park at Bosco Fontana. Sabbioneta is an ideal city built by the Gonzagas. Today it is still surrounded by city walls enclosing churches and buildings.

River, lakes and Po Basin cities

The river, lakes and cruises
The Po is travelled by a fleet of cruise-boats which reach Mantua , Ferrara and Venice in a day, whilst on the lake of Mantua , literary evenings are held on board of cruise boats navigating the area. These excursions can be booked from our B & B.

Po Basin cities
Bertoia Court can be the starting point for one day excursions to the main artistic cities of the nearby. Verona and the near Garda Lake, Cremona, Parma, Modena, Ferrara, Bologna, Padova.

Where you can go from San Benedetto by two hours:
Mantova - 20 minutes, Modena -  40,
Lago di Garda - 45, Reggio Emilia - 50,
Bologna - 60, Parma - 65,
Brescia - 65, Vicenza - 65,
Ferrara - 70, Cremona - 70,
Padova - 80, Trento - 80,
Bergamo - 90, Piacenza - 90,
Venezia - 100, Forlì - 100,
lidi Ferraresi - 100, Ravenna - 105,
Prato - 105, Cesena - 110,
Firenze - 110, Bolzano - 110,
Pistoia - 115, Pavia - 120,
Rimini - 120, Milano - 120